Professor Numbers


"Every school should have a chance to see your awesome show.  Thanks for a great assembly to help promote Math and kick-off our school-wide program for the 2nd semester!   We look forward to seeing you again next year!"
     - Trailside Elementary, Waterford

"The show was fabulous! The mathemagic and arithmetricks were wonderful!  The students loved having the opportunity to participate.  The kids were so involved and interested in what you were doing!  Your tricks left many of them wondering and really thinking about math and numbers.  Thank you so much.  We hope to see you again next year!"
     - Marquette Elementary, Madison

"You were wonderful! All of us totally enjoyed your presentations. I was pleasantly surprised to see how you captivated all grades K through 5. Thank you very much for the book; we will use it. Again, congratulations on a great job!"

"Professor Numbers, thank you for the wonderful program. I hear nothing but rave reviews. The students are requesting your book already and can hardly wait for it to arrive. The staff and students were all very happy with the program. Thanks again for your time and wonderful performance. We need our students to be excited about math. Today they are very excited. Thank you!"

"Thanks, Professor Numbers! At dinner that night, one boy talked about how he saw the ghost go to the chair! We had a great time. Thanks for doing such a great job."
     - 3 Lake Geneva Elementary Schools

"Great Show!  You have a very nice manner with children.  The show was grade-level appropriate and held our students' interest throughout.  Students are still fascinated with the tricks!  Thanks for coming."
     - Shorewood Elementary, Shorewood

"Great show!  Good for you for making math fun.  We liked the energetic, friendly, fun manner you had and your compliments to our students.  You kept us interested and entertained.  We liked the way you involved the students and kept their attention and control."
     - Kennedy Elementary, Madison

"Thank you for such an exciting program.  The day shows were a great way to get kids interested.  Many of them could not wait to come back that evening.  You helped make Math Night a great success.  The students loved it, as did the parents and teachers.  The students were talking about the tricks for weeks.  Your magic show helped make the students realize how fun math can be.  That was a great boost for our upcoming state testing."
     - Clearview School, Waukegan, IL

"The kids loved it!!   Excellent illustration of how math can be fun.  Your show is well-planned, high-interest, and fast-moving.  We appreciated the Professor's high-energy level,  positive praise, audience participation, wonderful organization, age-appropriate tricks, and true love of math.  Your number tricks have motivated our kids into bringing in their own math tricks.  What a wonderful experience for our 4th and 5th grade students!  Thank you for coming back again.  It was another great show."
     - Thoreau Elementary, Madison

"Once again, thank you for an entertaining day.  We enjoyed your fine performances!  Many positive comments were made by students and staff."

"We enjoyed your presentations and the children are still talking about the Number Dude."

"The students and teachers both had great things to say about your performance. So thanks to you!"

"Thanks again for a wonderful presentation. The kids are still talking about what a great time they had."

"I know that our students enjoyed Professor Numbers mathemagical tricks. Many of our students are still puzzling about Mr. Gibson's lunchbox."
     - 5 Appleton Elementary Schools

"Thank you for a wonderful program today! I heard lots of positive comments from the teachers as I was leaving school today. The students had already left the building, but I bet they'll be checking out your website for the solutions to your terrific tricks! It was a great program, and I'm so glad I found your website! Thank you again for the Mathemagic book, as well!"
     - Eagle School, Fitchburg

"You were great!  We liked your enthusiasm, your voice, how well you explained things, how imaginative you were, your personality, your costume, and of course, the tricks.  You do an excellent job involving the kids - not just physically, but with your questioning and theatrics and props.  The kids were talking about your show all afternoon."
     - Muir Elementary, Madison

"We thought you were great!"
     - Foxview Elementary, De Pere

"Professor Numbers put on two great presentations for our students. Ray Blum (Professor Numbers) did a kindergarten through second grade Math is Magic assembly as well as a program for grades 3-5. He did many math tricks for the children at their level and succeeded in involving the students. We had fun and were definitely impressed with his magic! Afterwards, teachers and students were still trying to figure out his math magic tricks!"
     - Woodview Elementary, Grafton

"We were again thrilled with your performances!"
     - Karcher Middle, Burlington

"Your show was wonderful!  What a great program. It was upbeat, positive, and had excellent educational value.  Our children always look forward to your coming.  After the show, our children brought the enthusiasm back to the classroom, and now we're all doing magic tricks."
     - Lindbergh Elementary, Madison

"Thank you for the great job!  Our kids really enjoyed your shows!"
     - Kewaskum Elementary

"Your show was entertaining, fast-paced, creative, and held our students' interest."
     - Leopold Elementary, Madison

"Once again, thank you for an entertaining day.  We enjoyed your fine performances!  Many positive comments were made by students and staff."
     - Hillside Elementary School, Brookfield

"Lots of fun!  We liked the variety, the pace, and the idea of making math fun for kids.  Your show had good timing, kept the students' interest, and had appropriate student participation.  Professor Numbers left the kids excited about trying some of the tricks and anxious to check out your books."
     - Allis Elementary, Madison

"Professor Numbers uses magic and fun to get students thinking.  He uses slight of hand, card tricks, even mind reading to get students to see that math is fun.  He has a unique way of demystifying math."
     - Madison Channel 3 News

"The show was fast paced, stimulating, well presented, and held the interest of the kids."
     - Orchard Ridge Elementary, Madison

"Thank you. You did a wonderful job! The kids are still talking about how you did those tricks!"
     - Rio Elementary

"Your show was very stimulating!  It was fast-paced yet clear and coherent for any audience, and you had good control of the audience.  It really motivated students - everyone wanted to learn more.  Will you come again next year?"
     - Sandburg Elementary, Madison

"We've had many wonderful comments about your performance!  It certainly was a big hit!!"
     - Mineral Point Elementary

"As always, your shows are awesome!  You have a real gift!   We  liked everything - especially your visuals.  It was perfect.  You have a real knack for showmanship."
     - Schenk Elementary, Madison

"Students were kept involved and as a result stayed attentive.  They loved all of the tricks, but especially Mr. Gibson.  One student said, 'Professor Numbers made math really fun.' "
     - Mendota Elementary, Madison

"Thank you for the wonderful program you presented to our Waunakee students!  Professor Numbers was a real hit with our teachers and students!"
     - Waunakee Schools

"Terrific presentation.  The kids loved it!  We liked your humor, child involvement, fast pace, visual preparation, and items of curiosity of the inquiring young mind.   Please let us know next year, we would love to have you again."
     - Glenn Stevens Elementary, Madison

"Professor Numbers entertains 4th and 5th graders throughout the Madison district by making math magical and even fun.  The wacky wizard in a bow tie and lab coat has plenty of learning tricks up his sleeve."
     - Madison Channel 15  News

"The show held our students' attention.  They were very excited and interested and talked about the program a lot after it was over.  Thank you for a fine presentation.  You did a super job!"
     - Gompers Elementary, Madison

"It was wonderful!!!  We liked the Professor's demeanor with the students.  He was well prepared and shows kids that math is fun.  You were well prepared and the show was professionally done."
     - Huegel Elementary, Madison

"We really loved it!  Your show was fast paced, really amazed the children, and connected math to fun.  We like the way the children are so entranced and enthused about the math - also the respect given to all volunteers.  The kids talked about it for days.  Thank you so much."
     - Hawthorne Elementary, Madison

"We liked the involvement of our youngsters, the easy to follow acts, and your colorful props.  It was the 'funest' program we had in a long while.  The kids loved it!!"
     - Emerson Elementary, Madison

"Our kids have been wild over the book."
     - Falk Elementary, Madison

"Thanks for the great show!  We got rave reviews for our math night and your excellent presentation.  Thanks for helping make our evening a success."
     - Lowell Elementary, Madison

"As the traveling Professor Numbers, Raymond Blum brings his number magic to Madison elementary schools where he wows the students with the beauty, simplicity, and complexity of the world of numbers.  His math tricks have opened avenues of curiosity and study for many children."
     - MMSD Recognition Awards Committee

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